Demon Hunter WIP: sketch 3

I started off with more quick pose sketches, this time drawing digitally. It felt a bit like drawing with a marker, plus I enjoyed the fact that I theoretically had an endless piece of paper and didn’t have to worry about fitting everything in on one sheet. I paused the video on the last pose and tried to do it again (the bottom drawing), studying it a little further, and getting a shapeless pancake with boobs as a result. I think my third attempt at the pose (a little above the pancake), is a slight improvement, thanks to drawing the inside structure first. aug18
Next I practised drawing legs on some sheets I previously distracted Eli with. She wants to draw whenever she sees me drawing, and if I’m drawing in my notebook, she demands a book shaped object with pages to create her masterpieces on as well, so I bribe her off with various daily planners and minor notebooks I have lying around all over the place. I give her light colour pencils, so if anything, her scribbles improve the pages she draws on 😀
I went through a couple of video tutorials before I decides to go with one of my favourites, Sycra Yasin. For me, he’s a great combo of pleasant voice+accent, skill and explanation talent.
Leg practice
And then, running super low on time, I redid my Demon Hunter sketch. It’s still very rough, and ironically, I ended up using the “character choice screen” pose for reference, but for the moment I’m okay with this one.
Having to cram everything into a very short time period is both a blessing and a hindrance. I’m a lot more careful and thoughtful with how I approach my drawing desk, often planning my actions way in advance, and as a result I learn to be more effective with my time. Yay for deadlines! It is still not enough time, I constantly feel like I could’ve done much more better work if I had at least another three hours to draw. And I’m progressing a lot slower because of it. But it’s still better than moping around feeling depressed about not accomplishing anything worthwhile with my life, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

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