Demon Hunter WIP: more sketching

I didn’t like the pose from the previous sketch, so I set out to find a better one. I wanted a confident, relaxed pose, and I did not want to fiddle about with my own camera and tripod to shoot myself for a reference shot.

I sketched for about 40 minutes with Croquis Cafe (and I’ll definitely be doing that again soon) until Eli woke up, and I’d recommend that resource to anyone that would like to try live sketching as the next best thing, other than physically being in the same room as the model. However, by the time I next had the chance to sit down to draw, all my “warm up” had cooled beyond repair, and instead of progressing with the drawing, I just continuously got more frustrated, till I decided to just post this as is. I struggled with everything, starting from finding a good reference image (why are most women on google images trying to look “sexy” and “delicate” while just standing up???? ARGFH!) to drawing legs. I am completely unable to draw legs, as the following image demonstrates. I want a confident, yet relaxed pose for my horned lady. I don’t want her arching her back hoping her boobs looks better, nor doing one of the “sexy weapon poses”. Think I’ll just draw legs all day tomorrow.
This is setting out to be much harder than I first thought it would be.

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