Good Old Bad Habits (dps hard)

I have pretty mixed feeling about World of Warcraft.

On the one hand, it’s a time-waster build to be addictive, where instead of being physically active for fun I sit at my computer in a darkened room, after all the sitting at my computer I do for work and studies. It also frustrates me rather fast, as I’m not able to participate in the group activities I enjoy most (raiding, dungeons) due to baby aggro and inability to commit to a set time schedule. All the little achievement goosebumps that I’m rewarded with after grinding, farming, wiping repeatedly and perfecting my rotations (boy, this lingo probably sounds really weird to someone that doesn’t play!) don’t actually mean anything in the real world. The only real influence on my offline life I get from playing this game is weight-gain, since instead of working out I spend my very limited baby-free time playing.

On the other hand, having resubscribed recently, I don’t feel as addicted/committed to the game as I was back when I  played “hard-core”.  Without going too deep into what I mean by “addicted” or “hard-core”, having done this cycle before I know what’s going to happen, and I know I will quit the moment I’m not having fun any more. As a bonus, I get to play and hang out with my old WoW buddies, and it’s that interaction that I missed the most while not playing.

And yes, working on the book and then playing pre-expansion catch-up in WoW meant that I abandoned this blog for a few days, but I since I’m getting back to my daily sketches that should be sorted now. Only drawback is that I’m feeling rather inspired to draw more Warcraft related things, so there’s that…

Demon hunters



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