Birthday Doodley-do thing

Oh wow, I’m really easily distracted today. I uploaded the image ages ago for the post, and then started cleaning up the “Moustache Problems” animation, and next thing I know it’s Friday! Ah well, that’s like, what, four days without a post? Tsk, tsk!
Anyways, here’s the doodle from my birthday, I’m a whooping level 30 drawer.
Bday doodle
I think I should colour this. I’m trying to do a page a day, and them sketchy selfies will fit nicely into this when I’m all out of ideas, but seeing how I’m super tight for time these days I’m only managing a pencil sketch a day, and then going back to ink/colour/cry over ruined fancy paper. I think I have finished the Rubber Onion Battle animation, but I’m trying to make it look nicer by cleaning up the clean up, because I can’t draw pretty lines to save my bum. If I finish it by the deadline, I’ll have a nicer looking thing, and if I don’t, well, I already have the messy version 🙂

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