Rubber Onion Battle Talk June 2016

Here’s the link to the Rubber Onion podcast where Stephen and Rob talk about all the submissions:
While I’ve already heard a few podcasts like this one, I didn’t expect to be as excited as I was. Having someone look at something I drew and then talk about it (and trying to figure out how to pronounce my name) was awesome, and I loved how they picked out and discussed various aspects like colour and background detail. My favourite thing was how they were able to say something positive and constructive about every single entry, and overall podcast episodes like that are great learning experiences for me – not only do I learn quite a bit while creating the animation in the first place, there’s also all the comments and discussions that follow!

I think my June’s entry was heavily influenced by all the kids’ animation I’m subjected to by my daughter, and it showed mostly in my colour choices and outlines. I’m not sure how well the “story” played out, and I don’t like the way it ended up sounding, but overall I’m okay with it: it was my first time animating in Flash, and most of my time and effort was spent battling the program.

Since Stephen asked, I think overall it took me maybe something around 10-12 hours (I worked on it for a few days): I came up with the script pretty fast, but designing the characters and the background, and then shouting at Flash for making all my lines look funny took a few hours (I first had all the characters as hamsters, but gave up on that halfway through). Then I struggled as I had to adjust myself to make stuff work with Flash: my biggest peeve was the inability to just lower the opacity of a layer, and it surprisingly disrupted my entire workflow. Next I recorded the sound, with proper words and different voices and everything, but when I tried to animate the moving mouths, Flash refused to cooperate and I almost gave up on the entire thing. I wasted an hour or two doing that, and then just rerecorded myself with the “Prapapa” gibberish, and drew some random mouth shapes. I also probably did the colouring very wrong, but at that point I was so frustrated and upset with the whole thing, that doing something brainlessly mechanic was probably for the best. The invisible gaps that prevented me from using the paintbucket tool smoothly only had me smashing my desk and growling for a little bit, as it scared the cats way too much.

And as for the name my name is pronouced, it’s xen-ee’-ah, where the “x” is a “KS” sound, and not a “Z” sound. The Internets have everything:

No art to post today, sadly. I’m keeping very busy between work and my entry for July’s Rubber Onion Battle 🙂

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