Sketchy Selfie #1

I sketched along to Sniwwles’ morning art stream while Eli slept in her pram, and shared this image in the chat there. I drew this using a quick photo I snapped of myself right there and then with my phone as reference, and only a few hours afterwards, as I compared the two, did I notice how curiously I warped my face on paper. Not that my head isn’t a funny shape already, because it is, but I managed to make it look even weirder.

It’s fascinating how our idea of what we look like to others differs from what we think we look like. I’m speaking in plural terms because I hope I’m not the only one weird in the head like that. A while back I did a little experiment: I drew a self-portrait every day for a few weeks. Needless to say all the pictures looked very different from each other. I’m leaning towards maybe trying something similar again, as a warm up before setting down to work.
Would be really cool if someone else also joined in. Self-portraits are like the most comfortable thing to draw really, we always have our faces right there for posing! I think it’s preferable to use a mirror, but in cases that’s not available or uncomfortable, you can always snap a so-called selfie and draw that. If you’re up to the challenge, post your selfportrait in your blog, and tag it “sketchy-selfie” so that it’s easier to find. Or post a quick comment here, or both 😀 It’ll be fun looking at the self-portrait progress, trust me! Different emotions, moods, materials… I’m not going to set a posting schedule, as time-management is still super tricky for me, especially now, but let’s set the final amount of drawings to a nice round number, like 100. That’s my number, you don’t have to do as many… or as few. Pick your own amount!
Hmmmm… will be kind of embarassing if no one joins in, and I’ll be the only one trudging on.. I shall remain optimistic though. Worst case scenario I’ll end up with 100 self-portraits. Terrifying 😀

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