Boonka’s Coat part 2 Video is up!

And a link for buggy phone interfaces:

I thought about splitting this one into shorter parts as well, and decided against it. These are “here’s how I did this” videos, and they’re here to show my creative process, mistakes and screw ups included. I suppose those that are looking for light and short entertainment videos are unlikely to come across mine in the first place. I already cut and edited hours of footage; if I were to cut it further I might as well just play the entire thing on fast forward and be done with it in two minutes or less, which doesn’t sound like too bad an idea. Might try it with the cart. Still defies the purpose a bit though.
My biggest mistake in these videos was keeping the air-conditioning on while filming. It was dreadfully hot, opening the windows wasn’t helping at all, and I didn’t want to be boiled alive.. but it ruined the sound 😦 I tried fixing it afterwards, but my sound-editing skills aren’t high enough yet.
I still should try to shorten them I think, less babbling about and a more effective work process should help. Basically, the more efficient I am with my time, the easier it should be to edit the videos afterwards.

What do you guys think?

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