Cringe-inducing nightmare post, with distraction Sphinx kitty

Today’s post is going to be rather nasty, in a squirmy disgusting kind of way. So only read on if you’re okay with icky descriptions of teeth falling out. It’s gross, you’ve been warned!

Just in case you accidentally kept on reading to look at the image, it’s my latest sketchbook page. I’ve been doodling using Sktchy reference images again, especially this pose which I found very challenging, as you can clearly see. Now I’m going to talk about the gross thing.

I’ve been having a reoccurring nightmare for many years now, which differs in the setting and the people involved, but inevitably ends the same way – me standing in front of a mirror, leaning on the sink, and losing most of the teeth in my mouth.

Usually it feels like my whole mouth is filled over-chewed gum, and I’m desperately trying to spit it out, and instead it’s my teeth hitting the sink. Today it was a little different, I was picking the teeth out with my fingers, like weird rotten mushrooms. On the upside, there’s the immense relief upon waking up and realizing the inside of my mouth is fully intact.

I’ve been trying to figure out what this could possibly mean, other than my fear of dentists. There’s never any blood or pain, just this horrifying realization that I’m running out of teeth, that I can’t fix it, and that I need to go and do something important right after. I’ve had a sort of reoccurring dream before, but it was of a place that I would come across in separate dreams: a muddy, dusty road leading off into the fog. I’ve not dreamt of it in ages though.

I’ve not been feeling well these past three days or so, I’ve not been very productive with my drawings or around the house, and I’m really hoping things will start looking up soon now that my cringeworthy personal rant is over.

Do you ever have reoccurring dream elements? Do you often remember your dreams? Anyone keeping a dream diary?


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