I’m still not being very productive, although I did venture into the outside world today, to help a good friend make a video. Hopefully we’ll work on that more this weekend.

My baby seems to have the same weird sleeping habits as me. Throughout the night, she’ll sit up a few times and cry out to me in her sleep till I lie her down in a hug. She also crawls around her bed in her sleep, waking me and the cats. In times of stress, I also sit up in my sleep abruptly, scaring the crap out of anyone in my vicinity. I remember doing that during my big end-of-school exams, throughout all of my army service, my art studies, and even while I raided hardcore in WoW. I don’t remember about a third of these sit-ups, but in the ones I do recall, I’m not entirely awake, nor aware that my stressful nightmare was just a dream, and not an actual enemy sneaking into the tent to steal my M-16, or me causing a terribly embarrassing raid wipe due to boobs pressing keys…

I should really be sleeping now, but as my daughter sat up and started looking for me in the dark, I realized I’ve not posted or drawn anything today yet, so right after I freed myself from her tiny grasp, I thought I’d try some baby sketches from memory.

Anyone else do weird things in their sleep? I used to talk and walk about when I was younger, but I’ve not been caught doing that for a good few years now 😛


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