Water, water, have more water..

Here in Israel, a drink of water is the ultimate solution to everything. Whether you just got some terrible news, a headache or if you’re standing in shock with blood running down your face, you can be sure that someone will offer you a glass of water. Strangers on the bus stop will ask you if you’d like some water if you’re looking a little pale, crying, or visibly distressed. In the army, if you’re feeling sick, you’ll very likely be sat down with a bottle and ordered to gulp it down and then see if you’re still sick.
I’ve had quite a bit of water today, but it doesn’t seem to be helping too much, as I’ve still got a splitting headache and my brain is probably flapping about in my head, blowing bubbles and generally behaving like a donkey. Probably why I’m writing this post in the first place, and should explain today’s sketch too. And to think I was hoping to be productive! Silly me.

What’s the solution to all problems in your part of the world?

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