Onions, Battles and Handshake Fails

Behold my greatest (and very first) Flash creation! (Video embedded, but since such things bug out on some phones, here’s a link: https://youtu.be/SibupMqLVzI )
As the video description says, this is my entry for the June battle over at the Rubber Onion (http://www.rubberonion.com/) I’ve been listening to their podcast while wrestling with Flash, it was cool having something animation-related to listen to without being distracted by having to look at it.

This has been more of a challenge for me than I initially anticipated. I haven’t done any animating for a very long while, and it shows painfully.
I’ve never used Flash before, and I’ve had to redo the entire thing because my work process didn’t mash well with the way the program works. I also struggled a lot with the way Flash kept “correcting” my lines. Much frustrated shouting also took place when I tried to add sound in order to lip-sync. (The recording of said sound is a whole other story. I ended up not using all the screaming and squeeing in the end, but the trauma to my family has already been done. One of my cats might have even pooped herself a little bit.) My legit legal copy of Flash kept getting stuck, bugging out, playing sounds that don’t exist any more and stealing whole frames. It took me right back into my wild younger years, when I was trying to animate in Maya while both the program and the computer passionately hated me.

All in all this has been a very useful experience, and an important wake-up call for my Boonka project. I’m now itching to animate more than ever! Gotta get them animation muscles and juices pumping again, I need to remember all those things I barely knew about moving things! *tries to strike a dynamic pose*
I’m not sure if I’ll participate next month, as I must really get on with the book cover, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these onion dudes, and excited to see and hear about new battles.

3 thoughts on “Onions, Battles and Handshake Fails

  • Nothing like an uncooperative program, simply a pain in the butt.
    When you spoke of Maya you brought me back to memories of 2008. I remember siting in a computer lab for two hours and every now and then someone would curse, slam a hand/fist on a desk, or shout suddenly. It was a reminder for me to save my work. 😀

    So, I know those feels.
    Save often and save multiple versions, in multiple locations.
    Not sure why these programs crash to very often, but it can be the most infuriating thing.
    Stay strong.

    My initial animation training was hand drawn, 2D/cell animation, so even when I started using Flash, I tended to draw in Photoshop because it was familiar to me. Using layers as frames seemed simpler to me and there’s an import option in Flash that will take the PSD files and you can choose the layers you want.

    Super Helpful

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