Flash Frustration

I’m having a frantically busy and unproductive weekend. It’s a strange new flavour of confusing for me. On the one hand, I’ve dedicated all my free time to torturing flash, on the other, it’s not really going anywhere. The inability to just lower a whole layer’s opacity is killing my mojo, since I’m used to animating a certain messy way. Sigh.

I’m also popping (I kept typing “pooping”, which I guess also fits?) a whole lot of cherries with this exercise: not only is this my very first time trying to animate in Flash, it’s also my first time attempting a lip-sync and voicing. Hah. Not that many cherries after all. I’m also surprised I managed to study animation for two and a half years and managed to avoid lip sync altogether. Did I mention how horrible Flash is with sound? It refuses to stop when I pause it, and just keeps playing the track till it’s finished, making it virtually impossible to sync anything! And the program is constantly hiccuping at me. Yes, I’ve actually shouted at my computer multiple times today. And yes, I’ve tried restarting everything and their granny. Rawr!

This is a sad screenshot of my sad attempt at poor animation. Saaaaaaaad!


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