Boonka: getting sidetracked with tiny drawers

So this is all Jesse’s fault. He just had to start talking about awesome chests and tiny drawers and I got very distracted. Figured I better get it out of my system so that I can get on with things. So there. 

You best start animating something, Jesse!

8 thoughts on “Boonka: getting sidetracked with tiny drawers

  • Imagine all the cool little things you can put in all those drawers. \o/
    I like the last row of faces and the full drawing the best and now that you got it out of your system you can concentrate on Boonka again.
    You’re Welcome! XD

    I don’t even know what I’d animate. You did make me want to dig up my old animations. The only one I could find was my take on a running animation loop.

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    • Well Jesse, what would YOU put in the drawers?
      Are there any particular projects that could use a little animation? Something like a pilot for a story you’re illustrating or something? Or you could participate in the Rubber Onion Battle, same as me.. Or just come up with a fun idea for a very short animation exercise, like a fight between a lion and a unicorn, or turtles dating…
      Was that Flash you used in your running loop?

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      • It was a combination of Photoshop (for the drawing) and Flash (to put it all together with the audio and export it. I can’t remember if I used Flash’s option for tweens on this project or not, but that is super convienent if you have good key frames.

        I have several stories in my head and some almost on paper. I’ve thought about making a animated intro, like you’d see in a anime. More ambitious daydreams stray towards a turn based, RPG for mobile devices.

        I’ve always wondered what a battle between a lion and the mythical unicorn would look like, but I’ll totally let you bring that idea to life. 😉

        As far as the drawers go:
        Art supplies, candy, string, duck tape, books, hygiene supplies, more books, my phone, weapons, food, clothes, and something to drink. 🙂

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      • You are going to need some big butt drawers for all these things! What’s your weapon of choice?
        I remember you were designing a red haired character with white uniform, how’s that one doing? I was so anxious to see her development, and then you distracted me with all sorts of shiny new drawings…

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      • Well… I started that story because it was a short and simple high school romance story, set in the not too distant future.

        Of course, now it’s a five part book, set on a small planet orbiting a gas giant, with several made up races.

        I’m creating social structures, religious and political conflicts, and technology advances based on pre-existing and completely fabricated knowledge.

        And then my computer crashed and I lost a bunch of World Building, plot outlines, and art work. 😥 (That’s a single “Man-Tear” just so you know)

        So, yeah.
        That was in April I think…

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    • Oh no… All that work… Hope you’ve been backing up all your stuff ever since (she said glancing at her backup program that’s still runnung from last evening). I’m very sorry to hear that happened to you and that story 😦

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