Boonka: More carts!

pick a cart

Exploring the cart variations a little further. I’ve decided against a two-wheel model, because there seem to be more uses for a four-wheeler, and it generally looks a more practical. Boonka could, for example, cover it with a lid and use for a table, if such a need arises, without having to turn it upside down, or have things slide off the  two-wheeler tilted top. In the case of one of the wheels breaking, she could still drag it over easiler on three wheels than on one, I think.
I’m currently leaning towards the first model, which isn’t too high, isn’t too round, and isn’t too low, and looks juuuuuuust right.
This should make things easier for me once I start building a model of the cart to go with my Boonka doll.

2 thoughts on “Boonka: More carts!

  • The move to four wheels seems like a smart choice. I’m curious to know what she’ll be carrying around in the cart? When problem solving for design, it’s often good to ask yourself these types of questions. The saying “Form Follows Function” comes to mind.

    In my head I was thinking how cool it would be to have a bunch of little drawers and compartments (like those cool Chinese medicine dressers/chests anime characters sometimes carry on their backs), but then I thought how much a pain in the butt that’d be to build a model of. 😀

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    • Well the cart is for carrying all her worldly belongings in, which isn’t a lot. She constructed the cart herself, from bits and pieces she gathered in the desert wasteland, so it’s more wonky than fancy. The cart is in fact full of all sorts of useful things: a few potted plants, dry herbs, food, and various treasures she finds on her way (shiny wrappers, pretty shells and stones, useful looking sticks, tiny figurines, magazine or book pages). Instead of little drawers, her things are compartmentalized in small boxes, found or handmade, out of tin, wood (for the most precious treasures) and thick cardboard.
      I bet she has a friend though, who carries around a huge wooden chest, full of tiny drawers, just like you said, filled with all sorts of magical things, like lighters and those 3D cards, that change the image when you tilt them. Damn, now I have to draw him. Look what you did >.<


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