Boonka: Concept Art, testing a palette

Today I worked on the overall look of my animation. While I know exactly what is going to happen, when and how, I’m foggy on the how exactly it should look. I decided to use to build a palette and then test it out. These are the colours I picked:


I needed a variety of browns for the desert bit, and watery blues for the sky and the lake part. Next, I drew a desert frame, roughly how I’d like it to look in the animation:

concept1 After that I wanted to test the colour on Boonka herself. The idea is that she almost blends into her dusty and rocky barren surroundings, so I used the same desert colours as I did in the previous landscape image: concept2

Finally, I thought I’d give the water part a go. I’ve never drawn water before, and I foresee this being the most challenging part to animate and colour:


I’m hoping that with my mother’s visit this weekend I’ll have more baby-free time, and will finally get the story-board finished. I’m also collecting various photographs and paintings of deserts, lakes and underwater swimmers. Currently just saving everything in PureRef, but now I’m thinking I should organize a neat Pinterest folder. And redo the few boards I currently have there. I also need to dig up the photo book of the Negev desert our tout guide gifted us last time I visited Eilat, that desert is the perfect setting for what I plan to draw. I now regret not having taken proper photos there myself, but that’s probably a good thing, since I’m not a photographer. And it’s definitely too hot in the summer to try and sketch anything on the spot.

While I’m on my image-hoarding spree, I also need to keep a look out for music I like for the soundtrack, I’m currently drawing a complete blank in that department. Should be a fun couple of days 😀

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