Boonka: “Making Boonka” Video is up!

I learned a lot making this, so the main goal is achieved, even if the video did come out wonky in pretty much every way. It was fun to do though 😀
I hope to figure the sound thing out by the time I make another video, need to watch more how-tos. I appreciate any feed back you guys can give me, looking to improve here!

8 thoughts on “Boonka: “Making Boonka” Video is up!

  • Yes! My tablet has been having a moody and not loading this but finally let me today – mostly. An error came up when you’d just finished the other foot off camera – will try and see the rest later as am loving it! I might try clay for little animals feet; can it be the air-dry sort do you think or does it have to be the baking kind? Love the music – it’s not obtrusive as on some tutorials. And I love your accent – especialy how you say “sausages”! Look forward to seeing the rest later!

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    • I’ve done feet out of air-dry clay as well, anything works really, you might want to cover it with varnish though, think it makes it a little stronger. Okay, I’ve been saying “sausage” over and over (and the cat is giving me looks) and I’m not sure how my accent is peeking through there. Sausage, sausage? Now I need to hear you say it!

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  • On the technical side of things, I think the audio represents your biggest area of opportunity. I think you’re delivery and overall tone/voice was conversational and humorous which is really good. Always nice to have your viewers laughing/smiling while they’re watching you work.

    I think the only other thing I could say, would be to shorten the length of the videos. It might force you to have to make more videos in total, but if you shorten them, you could really focus on explaining/showing different parts of the creation process>

    It would makes viewing them more manageable when the whole series is complete and perhaps someone is maybe following along with you. It can be a more step by step video tutorial series.

    Hope that is helpful.
    Awesome start you got here. Can’t wait to see more of Boonka in the future.

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    • Thanks! That was extremely helpful.
      You’re absolutely right about shortening the video, over 16 minutes is ridiculously long. Breaking it up into shorter videos sounds like a solution I didn’t actually think of before 😀 My thoughts were mostly in the direction of better preparation and scripting. If I manage to combine the three, the result might be more watchable 😛

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