Boonka: Doll sketches and Video Suspense

I feel so much more confident drawing things I can see, which is why I cheated by making this doll in the first place. I store her safely in a phone box on my desk now, worried the cats will get to her and rip her apart otherwise… They seem to have a violent thing for wool.


The video is still uploading. I wonder if it’ll be done by morning.. and I really hope our Internet doesn’t die on us somewhere in between. So many things to worry about! My main concern right now is the sound quality, it sounded very different on my speakers and in my headphones, and I’m too much of a noob to figure out why and how to fix it. And that is after the fact that I still can’t get over how weird my voice sounds when recorded. And how strong of an accent I have. It sounds so much better in my head, I swear!

A friend recommended a gifted musician she knows, and it looks like he might be working with me on this one, creating the music to go with my pictures. It’s both exciting and scary, and he’s as new to this thing as I am, so I hope everyone will leave this project fully intact in the end.

Next on my to-do list (after the video is uploaded) is to work more on the book cover. I’ve been so busy with the “making of” and mom’s jewelry these past few days, I’ve completely abandoned the other long-time project I need to finish. For now, I have a more detailed sketch, with base colour. The more I work on it the less intimidating it looks, and the more I enjoy myself 😀

I will still be posting my Boonka sketches daily (I still feel a little bad about skipping a day, for the sake of finishing editing the video faster), drawing her with different expressions, poses and possibly colour. I’m also on the lookout for suitable material for her rain coat, and a way to build her wheel barrow. My mom pitched I should use ice-cream sticks, and just cut them into tiny planks of wood and glue it all together, but the main problem is the wheels right now. I might be able to make them out of Fimo again, but they’ll be ever so wonky! Or I could find a toy with suitable wheels and disassemble that, but going into toy shops with Eli is a nerve-wrecking experience, that I’d rather not repeat too often. I could also make the wheels out of cardboard, but they’ll very likely look like poop then. I’d love to hear more ideas and suggestions on the matter! What would you make a tiny wheelbarrow out of?



4 thoughts on “Boonka: Doll sketches and Video Suspense

  • Love the sketches! For wheelbarrow ideas you might like the blog Homemade Obsessions ( and her youtube channel Where the Gnomes Live. She makes amazing stuff! Am watching some of the drawing things you suggested and the are great! 🙂

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      • It would be good to share to them from the beginning, in the interest of showing any development, wouldn’t it?! But they are sooo bad!

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      • I think it depends on how comfortable you are posting it. Either way, regardless of whether you post it or not, you’ll be levelling up your drawing skill and getting a little bit better with every drawing 🙂 But as part of your audience, it’s a fascinating process to watch, I think.

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