Sketchy Dump, June 12th

Today was a productive day!
Sketchy dump june12th

I’m halfway through editing the Boonka-doll video: I’m done fast forwarding and cutting it, now there’s only the voice-over left, with the finishing touches. The rest of the time I was working on the book cover. I think I’m mostly past the worrying part and into the doing bit.

A good friend is coming to visit soon, and I’m excited about finally catching up with her in person, Skype calls have been rather dodgy lately.

Eli is very curious about the Boonka doll. She has been pointing and asking to hold her every time I worked on her off-camera. Between the baby and the cats, that “see wool- RIP wool”, I hope the doll makes it long enough for me to use as intended in the first place: position, lighting and proportions reference D:

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