Boonka: Doll Progress

Wow, today was crazy. Thinking that my sister leaves tomorrow evening and that I have another day to finish mom’s necklace, I started shooting the making of the Boonka doll. Roughly half way through my sister told me that she’s got a ride home, and will be returning tonight, so I abandoned everything and rushed the necklace, so that she can pass it on to mom. It turned out that my scissors weren’t sharp enough, and that mom will have to finish cutting out the back and gluing the edges, but it should be fine, I hope. In all the rush I didn’t even snap a pic of the almost finished neck piece, so I hope mom will send me a photo of her wearing it.

Since the needle-felting takes so long and isn’t all that exciting to look at, I’m doing the majority of it off camera, but up until what you can see in the photo is well documented in a video, that I hope to finish shooting tomorrow. I’m hoping editing and uploading won’t take ridiculously long either 🙂

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