Boonka: Character Development, part 3

I ran out of Friday, so this looks like a very early Saturday post 🙂
So here I’m trying to figure out what’s happening with Boonka’s coat. (I’ve already revisited the script multiple times, before I started the story-board of course, and there is no need for additional props other than her coat and wheelbarrow)
I started with what I thought the coat should look like, and quickly realized the shape wasn’t working for me, it was too rectangular. I then went into silhouette-mode and changed it into a bell shape, which I liked a lot more.
Now, the important thing about the coat is that it’s its own entity. It’s so weathered, and covered in dried up stains and mud, it can stand on its own. It’s covered in pockets, some of which Boonka added herself. It’s a hard, protective shell, keeping her cool or warm inside, depending on the temperatures outside. Yet Boonka somehow manages to move in it, lifting her arms, walking, sitting down. The coat comes with a hood, that covers most of Boonka’s face, protecting her from storms, both sand and rain.

boonka: coat

It was mostly on this sketch that my wacom pen started acting up. It continued to draw even after I lifted the pen, ending a line. A photoshop and computer restart didn’t help, I’ll probably have to reinstall stuff? No idea, I foresee research in my closest future, as drawing like that is really really annoying. Really.

3 thoughts on “Boonka: Character Development, part 3

  • Equipment issues = sadface

    I don’t know if you have a wireless mouse, but I know I can’t use my Bamboo while I’m using my wireless mouse, because sometimes they fight each other.

    You could check the Wacom website and see if there is a new driver (just look up drivers and find your tablet/Operating System).

    You can uninstall and reinstall the driver

    Usually one of these will fix wonky pen issues, but if none of that works, I’d check out the Wacom FAQ/Support. There’s usually at least one other person how’s experienced similar issues.
    Hope that helps

    P.S. – the bell-shape was a great choice. 😉

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