Boonka: Character development, part 2

So Sniwwles started streaming as well, finally, after all his teasing. In all honesty, these morning streams remind me a little bit of my WoW raiding days, but without all the negative stuff. It’s pretty awesome! I’ve really missed connecting and hanging out with people online this way.

Today I did some messy Boonka sketches, trying to be a little more drastic with the proportion changes. I think I should move on, as I keep trying to go back to her normal sizes, and anything away from them just feels wrong and uncomfortable.
I’m not too bothered about rotating her head just yet, as I’m going to sculpt her out of Fimo and wool anyway, and working that way is easier for me to figure out where things go. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a video of the process, so you can watch me make a movable reference Boonka doll 😀

WIP Boonka sketches

On a slightly unrelated note: Sniwwles finally put his Bunny painting into his gallery, so you can all see my inspiration for the Axe-Maiden!


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