Boonka: Character development, part 1

There are numerous ways to create a story, and for this one, I’m going to start with the main character. (I feel like I’m cheating a little, since I already designed and wrote both the story and the character, years ago, however, doing it this time around and going through all the motions from the beginning, I will hopefully discover something new and interesting that’ll add to the project.)


I started off by sketching Boonka the way I remember her, without looking at my previous drawings. The result, as you can see, is a fat creepy naked monkey person. That couldn’t be right! She’s more of a tortoise creature than a monkey! I then started playing with the body proportions, not doing anything drastic yet though. I have a very strong image of her in my head, so doing anything vastly different seems scary and difficult to me right now.

I ended up with sketch number 7, and I was pretty happy with these proportions. I didn’t want her limbs too short, as they’re awkward for animation, and I felt that this length is juuuuust right. Next, foggily remembering the character design classes I participated in a lifetime ago, I started moving the facial proportions around, and to my surprise I really liked face number 3. This is new and different from what I had decided on before. I did a number of very rough full body sketches at the end, to see if the new head design still felt good. In comparison to the old one (top left) the new (second either side, bottom) face seems more in place, and more tortoise like. These are all still very new and rough, and there’s a lot more drawing needed till I’m settled in on a look, but it’s a promising start, I think.


What do you think? I really appreciate any feedback I can get on this, a new set of eyes can notice and see things I’m not able to. Which set of proportions are you most drawn to? (Drawn… heh, I’m so punny…)

3 thoughts on “Boonka: Character development, part 1

  • I like the proportions on the bottom row, second to last one (with fingers steepled). The character retains an overall oval/egg-like shape that is very appealing and I like the contrast of the squared mouth and the round shapes of the other body parts.

    I can feel you getting more comfortable with each drawing.

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