People Sketching on the Beach

I haven’t done any live sketching in ages, and I had this fantasy where I’m chilling in the shade on the beach, lazily sketching the people nearby, sipping a cold drink with a little umbrella, while my mother and daughter kept each other busy building sandcastles and whatnot. In reality, the shadow from the pram was big enough to keep only one of my knees protected, kids running by had me covered in sand up to my glasses, the wind was blowing my papers away (and yes, more sand into my face) and the baby  wanted to sit on my sketch with a wet (and very sandy) bum. 

We had a blast at the beach. The weather was perfect: hot, but not scorching where you can’t stand barefoot in the sand, and the water was just cold enough to be pleasantly refreshing. 

How are you spending the first weekend of June? What are your favourite places to sketch people live?

2 thoughts on “People Sketching on the Beach

    • Thanks! I think all my struggling with the Wacom tablet is slowly paying off, for I too normally draw many, many lines, and mine are also jagged usually. It’s part of the reason I used a pen too, forced me to be more careful with the lines.


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