#Mermay the 23rd: Bunny Axe-maiden

Merman warrior

So today’s mermaid was drawn while watching BySqueesh‘s twitch stream. I try to draw along usually, which is sometimes rather challenging (with Eli trying to draw along on top of my drawing, or climbing on top of my desk trying to sit on the Wacom tablet, or wanting to watch Simon’s Cat while listening to Karma Chameleon really loudly).

This underwater beauty is, in fact, my first attempt at fanart. One of the viewers of the aforementioned stream tends to draw along as well, and last week he drew a gorgeous Bunny Creature, which I hope he’ll upload to his gallery sometime soon. I loved the overall design of said bunny so much that I based my mermaid on it.
I used my watercolour pencils, but the paper doesn’t handle water too well, so I decided to leave it as is.

I also wanted to see if I could push yesterday’s toony style a little further. I had to loose the spaghetti arms for this one, as her mighty muscles were an important feature. Would everyone have to have spaghetti arms in my comic? We have to go deeper!

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