A Big Fat List of Future Plans

I have been bursting with ideas lately, in addition to the few projects I’m working on already. The way I’m currently doing things, which consists of randomly progressing a tiny bit periodically on some of them, isn’t very productive or effective. In the hope of somehow organising my time and resources better, here’s the Big Fat List of Things I wish I had more time for:


  1. Illustrating a book of short stories by George Pluzhnikov


This is my first time illustrating a book for real. I’ve been working on this since October, and I’m mostly done. There are 35 short stories, each illustrated by a full-page drawing, and I’m currently creating decorative letter elements for the second part of the book. It hasn’t been decided how we’re going to handle the third part yet, and I’m a little nervous about it. Plus I might be doing the cover as well, and I’d rather not think about it right now because I might have a panic attack.
The people I’m working with requested a “sketchy” style, and it took me a long time and many do-overs to settle on how I’m going to do it. I’m pretty happy with the overall result – it’s close to what my default “handwriting” is, and I’ve added elements to unify the extremely different subjects I’ve had to tackle.
The crying girl illustration is for the short story “Svoloch” (roughly translated as “Bastard”).

2. Boonka – an animation short

Oh, the bane of my existence. I have written about this in my old blog a bit, but I think I’d better start over in here.
I started this YEARS ago. It went through a number of transformations, but never moved past a finished animatic. I currently have a full script, character, half an animatic, and a new idea of the overall look.
“Boonka” (that’s the name of the mane character, the tortoise-like creature pictured above, pushing her little cart through the desert) has been hanging over me like this big, heavy, guilt-ridden rain cloud. I have this slightly obsessive idea that I must finish it before really starting anything else. Only then can I be finally free to ride off into the beautiful sunset of “I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW FOR THE TIME I STUDIED ANIMATION!!!1”.


3. Deeps (Working title for a fantasy graphic novel)
Hmm, I just realized that all my notes and sketches for this one are scattered over various notebooks, journals and daily-planners, with none of them in digital form on my computer.
I’ve wanted to do my own comic for many years (even longer than I’ve been “working” on Boonka). About 3 years ago I came up with a concept for a story, and epic fantasy adventure series of sorts. I have a beginning: the introduction and meeting of the two main characters. I have a very general idea of the types of situations and people/creatures they’ll encounter and will have to deal with. And an even hazier end, that I’m still undecided on.
I need to write the entire thing out, flesh out all the characters, make sure I don’t leave gaping plot-holes anywhere (my biggest peeve with such things). I’ve done a bunch of sketches, but I’m not happy with any of them. I have an idea of the visual style I want to go for, but I feel like I need a lot of practice till I can actually pull it off. I’m hoping it’ll develop and improve as I keep working on it, but like I already mentioned, I don’t think I’m at the starting point yet.
I like to think about it and figure story bits out while busy with other activities, like cleaning, cooking or rocking the baby to sleep, but the downside of that is that I’m not always able to jot down an idea or a solution when it comes to me.


4. Life-based web comic

This one I do happen to write down as inspiration strikes me. The main thing stopping me right now is the visuals. I still can’t decide how exactly I want it drawn.
I played around with it today, and first came up with something like this:
comic_pickupline_wip_style1 I don’t like it though, it feels too restricted and stiff. I tried loosening it up a bit with spaghetti arms and an overall cartoonier look, but it needs to be a lot more unified. Back to the drawing board with you. comic_pickupline_wip_style2

So far I have around 5 ideas to work with, which is clearly not enough for anything, but still an okay start I think. Ideally, this would be a weekly comic.


5. Crocheted Lullaby animation short
Okay, this one is a bit crazy. Just a little bit! A stop motion animation, made entirely by crocheting!! *excited breathing*
It’s really quite simple! First, I need to finish writing the lullaby, as I’m roughly halfway through. I want it to be sweet and simple, with the words rolling off the tongue. (So far the words stutter and stumble quite a lot, but I’m getting there.)
Second, as this is the polar opposite of Boonka, I need to find someone to compose the tune, and hopefully, create the music as well (in Boonka the music and sound effects are secondary, so I can start looking for the music/sound guy while/after working on the actual animation). I even kind of have a person in mind that might do it.
From that point it’s easy: designing the chars, making sure the crochet idea is even viable, storyboarding, animatic, and mountains of crochet materials 😀  Piece of cake really!




So for the near future my plan is as follows:

  • Finish illustrating the book. This one is my top priority, but as the calls and decisions aren’t mine, and I haven’t been given the assignments for the next part, it will most likely stretch out over an unknown period of time, so I will continue working on my own projects simultaneously.
  • During the remaining #Mermay I will continue experimenting with comic styles for my “weekly life comic” and hopefully come up with a better name for it.
  • Starting June, I’ll continue doodling and posting daily, but will dive full on into Boonka, as my illustration commitment lets me. I’ll also make a more detailed plan 🙂


How do you deal with prioritising and organising? Do you also want to do all the things all at the same time? How do you deal with multiple projects?

5 thoughts on “A Big Fat List of Future Plans

  • ❤ this list! It reminds me very much of my own hehe. I have so many ideas and projects started but, I too, feel I'm being held back because I haven't found my 'style' yet. And you can't start a project and have the style evolve with it, heaven forbid xD Also, I looooove the spaghetti arm style of comic you tried out, I think it flows really well and has a charm to it which will lend itself well to a general life theme.

    I tend to be all over the place with my projects, I like lists (especially goal lists, I turn 30 in September this year so I have a big goal I wish to hit before then) but I find I don't do well with too much pressure so I try to avoid strict deadlines. I also have several projects on the go, but I like it that way. It means if I ever feel 'stuck' with one, I can move to the next and come back later when the solution may become obvious with fresh eyes. From time to time, I'll write out all the projects I have on the go, a rough note of where I'm at, and another rough note of which I want to focus on/where I want it to go within x amount of time – but nothing set in stone. More just to gather my focus.

    These projects you have all sound really cool, look forward to seeing you develop them some more 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I like lists too, in my daily planner I sometimes make to-do and shopping lists, with little square boxes I can later check if I actually complete the task. I used to cross things out, but it looks a lot messier 😛
      I have mixed feeling about strict deadlines: on the one hand, I need strict deadlines, otherwise I just never sit down to do anything because there’s always “plenty of time”. On the other hand though, I tend to overestimate my own capabilities, and then when I don’t make the deadline I often lose all interest and motivation to carry on. I think your rough notes way is pretty much what I tried to do with this post, worded better.
      I turn 30 in July, I suspected I’m older than you, now I know for a fact 😀
      By the way, all that digital painting you’ve been streaming, got me to thinking about the overall look of Boonka that I’ve (also) been struggling with, and I think I might’ve come to a solution. I’ve been playing with brushes in Photoshop, and I think that a “painting” look may work, getting rid of most of the pesky lines and stuff 😀
      Oi, Sunday is still the weekend for you, isn’t it.. It’s the first work day of the week here, meaning *gasp* another day of no stream? Damn my confusion, I was looking forward to tomorrow.


  • Good to know I”m not the only one having issues juggling a bunch of different projects/ideas around. I haven’t figured out any logical way to progress them quite yet, but I do like making lists and haven’t made a good long one in many moons. 🙂

    Ooh, that illustration look fantastic! The project sounds like a bunch of work, but it’ll totally be worth it when you’re done and have a whole body of work to call your own.

    Cool to see Boonka make a return, I got excited when I seen her in your banner. She looks like a fun character to draw. Sounds like you’ve got a busy June ahead of you and I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff you’re about to get into.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Boonka is really fun to draw, big naked heads and bulging eyes FTW!
      Sometimes, making the list is so satisfactory all by itself, that I kind of feel my work is done there and just move on with stuff, feeling accomplished, only to never return to it again…
      Last day of doodling about, better make it count! I really hope I manage to be at least half as productive as I’ve planned out O.O

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yep, lists definitely fulfill some inner need/desire to organize and order everything. ❤

        I sometimes get down on myself when I'm not super productive, even though accomplishing a couple things is way better than nothing at all. You'll be great, I believe in you!


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