#Mermay the 20th: Beached

#Mermay: mertired

Spent most of the day travelling to and then from a hospital, to see my sister-in-law and her brand new baby boy. When we weren’t catching buses and getting lost in the huuuuuge hospital, we waited around. There was a lot of miscommunication, and a lot of waiting. And a lot of carrying Eli around in the baby wrap. She must be over 10 kilos now…

It was worth it though, I think, seeing that tiny new person.

Too tired to draw, have a goofy mer-selfie.



4 thoughts on “#Mermay the 20th: Beached

  • Thank you.
    The weirdest thing is that there was no staff in sight, I ended up ambushing a foreign exchange student and begging her for directions..
    They even had an art gallery in there! In a hospital O.o


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