#Mermay the 18th: Back and Fork

#mermay: forks

Doing more male anatomy studies. Well, not proper full human male anatomy, but close enough. I’ve freed up more space on my desk, so there’s more room for my elbows. It’s easier to make bigger, smoother strokes with the wacom pen this way, only about 9999 hours to go till it looks good! Onward, to smooth pretty lines!

3 thoughts on “#Mermay the 18th: Back and Fork

    • Sadly any knowledge of anatomy that I think I might have immediately evaporates the moment I try to draw a person without a reference image. Not counting basic poses of course.. Even then I will still struggle with hands and feet. And funnily enough, I don’t remember having this problem 7 years ago.
      Fortunately, I know exactly how to address this problem: draw the crap out of it! Kinda glad I have all these mermaids I can tortu.. Err… Practise on 😀 they don’t need feet!
      Say, weird question incoming… Whom do you enjoy drawing more, men or women?

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      • I know those feels.

        Many moons ago I trained myself to be able to sketch the human figure without reference too. But alas, I have let such a gem of a resource erode due to neglect.

        I struggle with legs and feet. My faces have improved but still need work.

        I guess I’ve just spent so much time drawing superheroes when I was younger I find it easier to draw males, but I prefer to draw females. There is a fluidity to how each body part seems to glide and flow into each other. I think when you’re drawing dudes you can get away with a lot more because of the sharp angles and boxy nature of the male body types (in general).

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