#Mermay the 16th: Mermommy

#mermay :mermom wip

The one good thing about being forced awake at ungodly hours by a one year old (jumping onto my head) is that I have a lot more time to get things done. Today was pleasantly different, as she decided to sleep all the way till 9am. On the downside, I had less free time to draw and workout as I slept in as well, since my husband still goes to work at set hours, regardless of Eli’s sleep habits.

Anyway, this is an hour’s worth of scribbling. I think I want to try and colour this one for giggles. I’m still not happy with her face, and how the baby looks too cartoony compared to her. Her arm also looks off.. I might try and make her more toony to match the baby, although I suspect “untooning” the baby would be easier, need a break from staring at it to figure out which way I should go from here.

What do you think? What other glaring problems with anatomy have I missed? I’d love to hear some opinions and criticism!

2 thoughts on “#Mermay the 16th: Mermommy

  • Love this pic! I know what you mean about the baby looking more toony (but really cute) but no matter how much I look at it, I can’t figure out why – stronger lines? I think it’s something in the eyes…Love the curve of her back and tail!

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