#Mermay the 11th: Mer-leesi

Today I was reminded that I’m not yet comfortable enough with human anatomy to draw people from imagination. My #mermay sketch was a disaster!

#mermay: blonde I wanted to do a quick black and white pen drawing, classical mermaid style: big long hair, pretty face, boobs… the works, right? Wrong! First, I messed up the boobs. Heh, no problem there, I’ll just stick her into a fashionable top she put together from all the bubble wrap floating about in the ocean! Second, just like in real life, I did not know what to do with her arms. I never know what to do with arms, unless I’m too busy doing something to think about how I should be posing them. (I’m super awkward on photos >.<) Third, I broke her hands. Then my pen leaked over her face. Finally, I tried to mask my mistakes with some butt-ugly squiggly tattoo scribbles. Giving up, I randomly paused the YouTube video I was listening to and used the pose there for reference. Guess the shot I got 😛 #mermay : poor unfortunate sketch

Anyways, this has been a valuable lesson: Learn Anatomy. Again. Clearly that first and second round weren’t enough.

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