Returning to Sktchy

I remember being super excited when I first discovered the Sktchy app, and trying to do at least a portrait every few days, as Eli’s naps let me.

I think faces is probably my favourite thing to draw, and having grown rather bored of drawing self-portraits and occasional family members, finding a community full of people willing to draw and to be drawn was pretty awesome. And it does wonders getting me into the drawing mood before I sit down to do actual illustration work.

I’ve not done anything there for a little over a month, and I figured I should get back into it, and then post about it here. Turned out I had a sketch all layed out and ready, waiting for colour, so my “return” felt a little bit like cheating:
Sktchy: Enuma Y

And this is the group gathering of almost all the previous ones from my profile page:
Sktchy: collage may 7th

I sometimes also post them to my Tumblr and Instagram accounts as well, should really get that stuff somewhat more organized.

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