Torturing Headers

I spent all of my baby-free time yesterday trying to create a header image for this blog. Once upon a time I took a basic design course in Bezalel, and I remember struggling there a lot. Apparently, elements of the design had to be meaningful, clever, and clear at a glance, and not just look pretty!

I already had a name I was happy with. It was personal and a cute game of words in my twisted, sleep-deprived language-mixed mind. I even had a general idea of what I wanted it too look like. This is what I came up at first:Old logo variations

But I wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t want a bleak grey logo, but I didn’t like any of the colourful ones either. The only thing I liked was the cat, but not the position of her tail. And I felt awkward about the whole “studios” bit as well. So I had another go at it:

Header process

I never really studied fonts or calligraphy (blantantly obvious, isn’t it) so I just went with my gut feeling and writing habits. At first I thought of tracing the whole thing onto watercolour paper, and then doing everything with paints. Looking realistically, however, and sadly realizing that my painting skills are as developed as my calligraphy skills, working in Photoshop became a lot more appealing. Half way through a google image search for a suitable drawing pad, I noticed I had the perfect one right there on my desk, so I whipped the camera out and cleared a spot on the floor by the balcony, which was then immediately occupied by both cats. I then traced over the letters, adjusting their size and placement, and doodled all over the surrounding floor space. I added the green as an after-thought, hoping to brighten things up a little and to tie it in with the blog theme colours.

Header, may 2016

I think I’m almost happy with the result for now. Think I’ll leave it up for the time being, until I’m able to make something better.

One thought on “Torturing Headers

  • I like how it turned out.
    Design is one of those things you sometimes have to go through many, many, many iterations before you get something you like or sticks out. Sometimes its a logical progression, sometimes (most of the times for me) it’s a happy accident.

    This one has way more personality to it and feels like it fits. It draws you in and has depth to it. Good job!!!


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