May the fourth be with new beginnings

In a desperate attempt to battle my lack of motivation, I’m starting a themed blog. I was all too eager to include all sorts of personal opinions and random ramblings in my previous blog, which in turn wishy-washied me to a halt. I’m hoping that by restricting myself with a set drawing theme and deadlines, I’ll be able to recreate the inspiration boost I had a few years ago, when I drew every single day for about two years. I even came up with a cool name and everything! (It seemed super cool at 3 am when I first thought of it, but then so did that pickle with my chocolate cornflakes, eek.)

And so, without further distractions and procrastinating, behold the epic documentation of how I stopped complaining and started to work on improving my drawing skills.

Please feast your eyeballs on some practice cat sketches while I feel all accomplished for the rest of the day, before the panic and the artist’s block set in 😀


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